Outlandish Ideas

A Discussion on the Meaning of Life

As has been stated before, the meaning of life is a concept.

Concepts are comprised of identities, then traits, then grains or actions. Take the heap problem. At a point, adding a grain to a collection of sand will create a pile. The exact point at which this occurs differs based on each observer’s own assessment.

Concepts can only become fathomable to us when the logic behind a sufficient amount of their grains has become automatized.

The mind does not have the mental real estate to understand an entire concept as an image projected by its components. In automatizing the logic behind grains, the mind can allocate its resources to understanding the concept they create. We will label grains with logic that has been automatized as mastered grains.

The meaning of life can be fathomed when one has created a pile from its mastered grains.

This is to say that we can only have a feeling for the meaning of life once we have mastered the logic behind a sufficient amount of meaningful actions. Whether a collection of grains has birthed a heap is subjective. The most important thing to consider when assessing one’s understanding of the meaning of life is what one believes the meaning of life to be. Just as two people will disagree on when a collection of grains becomes a pile, two people will differ on when a life or action has transcendent meaning. Assuming honesty, both parties are always correct, unless a dramatic oversight or misconception is at play.