Shooting The Sh!t


Hello, fool. Let us talk about your origin and mine.

The Fool is the precursor to The Hero. Professors were not born with the title of professor, just as athletes were not born with the title of athlete. Perhaps they had the innate talent, yet the identity only came to be after a collective of gradually refined behaviors. Supposedly there was a baseless beginning, which eventually led to a surpassed threshold of competence. This willingness to start from a risky and unrefined point sets in motion the journey from Fool to Hero.

In this blog, you will see a thoughtful fool on his journey to refine his ideas. I will lay my ideas out in the open, no matter how outlandish they are. I will refine them through discussion with my audience and a wide range of successful, talented, and spectacular individuals. Hopefully in these series of journeys, we can become familiar with the refinement process.

Psychology, Moral Virtue Robbery, The Self, Christ and Conscientiousness, Buddhism and Mindfulness, Motivation, Habit-Formation, Responses to other blogs and ideas, Children as Psychologists, Poetry, Personal reflections and experiences, Dream analysis, Controversial ideas and subject matter that would immediately blacklist me from any form of employment, Connections between any and all things… these are the sorts of things that I am immediately keen on investigating.

Thank you for reading. If you can do me any favors, just leave a question under any post. Criticize my ideas for any and all of their fallacies. Share your thoughts, especially if they are outlandish. I’m not in this primarily for success, though that would be splendid, I’m here primarily to refine ideas and skills. If you would like to further my endeavors, then speaking your mind is precisely the best way for you to do so.


Mik Happy – A Fool Hero